SEP-190 Universal Earpiece and Mic/PTT - For General Policing

SEP-190 Universal Earpiece and Mic/PTT - For General Policing

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Designed for for general policing, SEP 190 offers high performance audio quality, wearer comfort with its adjustable fully rotating earbud, coiled cord cable and ergonomically designed mic/push to talk. 


Key Benefits:

  • An adjustable fully rotating earbud with rubberized G shaped loop with coiled cord cable
  • Ergonomic design mic/push to talk
  • Rotatable clothing metal clip for securing to the wearer’s lapel
  • Durable PU cable reinforced with Kevlar
  • Different earpieces options

Technical Information:

  • MICROPHONE SENSITIVITY: -36±3dB PTT BUTTON LIFE: Min. 100,000 times CABLE DIAMETER: 3.0mm (plug – MIC/PTT) 2.2mm (MIC/PTT – earpiece)
  • Cable length: 800mm straight (plug – mic/PTT) 500mm straight , 100mm coiled (mic/PTT – earpiece)
  • BEARABLE PULL FORCE: Min. 25 lbs for dia. 2.2mm cable and min. 30 lbs for dia. 3.0mm cable
  • BEARABLE BENDING: Min. 10,000 cycles
  • WEIGHT: 45g
  • COLOR: Black only
  • CONNECTOR: Radio specific

This product is part of the Savox Vigilate product line. Our partner Syndico is the master distributor for Vigilite product in Europe. You can contact Syndico here