SAVOX XG NC Boom Microphone Headset for Hearing Protectors

SAVOX XG NC Boom Microphone Headset for Hearing Protectors

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The Savox N-C noise com is a smart and flexible communication solution for high-noise environments. The N-C unit mounts into earmuff type hearing protectors and turns them into a communication headset. Used with Savox Classic PTTs and RSMs.


Key Benefits:

  • Flexible boom microphone
  • Quick-release connector
  • Simple, robust and cost effective
  • Easily turns a passive earmuff into a hearing protection headset
  • Exceptional performance in high noise environments
  • Fits inside most hearing protectors
  • No effect on hearing protection level
  • Electret microphone
  • Adapts to Savox Classic PTTs and RSMs

Technical Information:

  • WEIGHT: 81g SIZE: 70 x 175mm
  • DIRECTIVITY: Noise-cancelling
  • MIC IMPEDANCE: 2500 Ohm @ 1 khz
  • SPEAKER IMPEDANCE: 32 Ohm @ 1khz (±15%)
  • CABLE, COILED (flame-retardant): 4mm dia, 270mm, PUR
  • CONNECTOR: 5-pole quick-release connector (Savox XG series)
  • OPERATING TEMPERATURE: -25 to +63°C (continuous)
  • HUMIDITY: 95% RH, +63oC for 500 hours


  • Savox Classic series NC available as ATEX version