Savox NOISE-COM 400 Ex Heavy Duty Headset
Savox NOISE-COM 400 Ex Heavy Duty Headset

Savox NOISE-COM 400 Ex Heavy Duty Headset

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Savox Classic NOISE-COM 400 Ex is a hearing protection headset with noise cancelling microphone. Superior audio quality enables communication even in high ambient noise.

This robust and intrinsically safe headset can be attached to a wide variety of construction helmets and offers clear audio and safe way to communication even in potentially explosive environments. Savox Classic NOISE-COM 400 Ex has replaceable microphone boom and ear cushions. Savox NOISE-COM 400 Ex also offers microphone options - the headset can also be used with throat microphone or bone conducting microphone. This headset is ideal for professionals who wear a helmet and need to communicate hands-free.

Savox Classic NOISE-COM 400 Ex offers unprecented modularity as it can be used with three different microphone options. Options are boom microphone, throat microphone and bone conduction microphone. Please contact Savox sales for information on what helmets are Ex certified with NOISE-COM 400 Ex.

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Key Benefits:

  • Offers hearing protection
  • Mounts easily into construction helmets
  • Robust and durable
  • Replaceble microphone boom and ear cushions
  • Ex approved - can be used in potentially explosive environments
  • Excellent audio quality even in high noise environments
  • Ideal for industry/heavy industry, oil&gas and airport operations
  • Compatible with Savox Classic Remote Speaker Microphones and Push-to-Talks
  • Multiple microphone options allows modularity and customization according to user needs

Technical Information:

  • Weight: 375 g
  • Material: ABS
  • Fixing: helmet specific adapters
  • Speaker: 150Ohm, Normal 0,2W, SPL 85DB/0,25W/0,5m
  • Drop tested from 2 meters
  • SNR: 30dB, according to EN 352-3:2002
  • NRR: 24dB, according to ANSI S3.19-1974
  • Ex class: please check the class from Safety Guide or ask Savox sales