SAVOX HC-100 Helmet-COM Headset
SAVOX HC-100 Helmet-COM Headset

SAVOX HC-100 Helmet-COM Headset

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The latest addition to the widely used Savox Helmet-Com series, the Savox HC-100 Helmet-Com headsets brings new modularity for professionals working in demanding conditions. This headset has been designed especially to meet the communication needs of fire fighters and other emergency services professionals. 

Savox HC-100 Helmet-Com headset offers ease-of-use and unique modularity; the same speaker hosts up to four different microphone options and the user can choose the one that suits best the task at hand. This modularity along with great audio performance makes Savox HC-100 an excellent choice for versatile tasks.The headset is easily mounted into most helmet types and provides clear and hands-free communication in all situations.

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    Microphone Options:

    • Boom microphone
    • Short boom micrphone
    • Bone microphone
    • Throat microphone

    Key Benefits:

    • Best in class audio performance
    • Unique modularity - one speaker part can host four different microphones
    • The microphone part can easily be changed according to the current user need
    • Boom microphone option can be rotated out of the way when the microphone is not used
    • Rugged and durable design
    • Universal fastening strap that easily mounts into most types of helmets
    • Compatible with all Savox Classic RSMs/PTTs with the 4-pole quick release connector


    Technical Information:

  • WEIGHT: 90g without helmet mounting parts
  • SPEAKER: 32Ohm, Nominal 0,25W, SPL 81dB / 0,25W / 0,5m
  • FIXING: Universal helmet fixing adapter, arm/strap, MSA Gallet F1 FX helmet adapter
  • CONNECTOR: 4-pole quick-release connector
  • OPERATING TEMPERATURE: -40 to +80°C (continuous)
  • DROP TESTED: from 2 meters