Ear Inserts - For Comfort in Noisy Surroundings

Ear Inserts - For Comfort in Noisy Surroundings

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A Pink open ear inserts are designed to replace the standard clear eartip from the acoustic tube style earpieces. Provides greater comfort when wearing for long periods of time. Ideal for user's operating in noisy surroundings such as policing sporting events or other crowd control applications.


Key Benefits:
  • Replaces the standard clear eartip on the wire kits
  • Open ear insert variant allows the user to hear ambient sound
  • Provides greater comfort over longer work period
  • Available in left or right and small, medium and large sizes



  • Noise attenuating plug which replaces the standard clear tip but provides 24dB of attenuation
  • Small/large D shells available for attaching to wire kits


This product is part of the Savox Vigilate product line. Our partner Syndico is the master distributor for Vigilite product in Europe. You can contact Syndico here