SAVOX Promate Mobile RSM Wired In-Vehicle Remote Speaker Microphone

SAVOX Promate Mobile RSM Wired In-Vehicle Remote Speaker Microphone

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The Savox mobileRSM is a wired in-vehicle remote speaker microphone designed to meet the requirements of the logistics and transportation industries.  

The mobileRSM allows the driver to clearly hear and be heard with just a single button press. The extra-loud speaker output clearly exceeds the noise generated from truck engines. The dash-mount clip can be hooked into any standard mobile radio microphone holder to allow an easy switch from radio to Push-to-Talk over Cellular and with the extra-long cable the driver can communicate towards the back of his truck while holding the microphone.

No need for re-charging:  The Savox mobileRSM is continuously charged through a single cable using the vehicle’s own power source.


Key Benefits:

  • Designed for in-vehicle use
  • Extra-loud volume output
  • Complies with U.S. DOT regulations
  • Easy to install in standard microphone holders
  • Easy to use; minimal training required
  • Superior audio quality and volume output
  • Extra-long cable
  • Dash-mount clip included
  • Continuously powered through in-vehicle power
  • Push-to-talk functionality

Technical Information:

  • WEIGHT: 215g with connector cable
  • SIZE: 100 x 67 x 27mm
  • CABLE: Stretched length, 3400+/-20mm; Coiled length, 1000+/-20mm, diameter 4mm, tension strength 50N
  • MICROPHONE: Omni directional, sensitivity -39dB ± 2dB
  • CONNECTORS: 3,5mm connector for mono earpiece and headset with or without microphone
  • STORAGE TEMPERATURE: -20°C - +60°C for 1 month, -20°C - +45°C for 3 months, 20°C - +25°C for 8 months
  • ESD, EMI IMMUNITY: EN 300 394-1, EN 301 489-1 and EN 301 489-18, EN 61000-4-3, ESD, EN 61000-4-2, FCC