Supreme Sandwich Panel Technology
Supreme Sandwich Panel Technology

Supreme Sandwich Panel Technology

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The sandwich panel structure designed by Control Express Finland is a new and interesting element for modern industrial production. Thanks to its indisputable advantages, this technology is becoming all the more popular. Traditional flat steel structures are replaced by two metal sheets stiffened by hemispheric embossings and fastened together in order to form a honeycomb structure. For example Steel, stainless steel, acid resistant steel and aluminum can be used as sandwich panel materials. Sandwich panels´ most important feature is its solidity in relation to its structural weight. Another significant benefit is the sandwich panel structure’s ability to adjust thickness, solidity and strength according to the load bearing required from the product.


Why design and fabricate your metal structure or frame, cabinet or machine cover using sandwich panel technology?

Thin, yet resistant

Sandwich panel structures consist of thin sheet-metal parts strengthened by hemispheric -shaped embossings or dents arranged in a honeycomb pattern. Thanks to its light weight, this extremely rigid structure can save up to 85% of material compared with traditional solid-metal solutions and is thus very sustainable.


Light-weight, yet rigid

Our sandwich panel structure is equally rigid in any direction. Thin panel structures are light to handle and can carry surprisingly heavy loads related to their weight and amount of material used. Using sandwich technology may reduce the weight of a metal structure by up to 85%.


No tremble, no noise

Troubled by noise? Sound proof insulation and environmental immunity are essential elements in mechanical design. Our sandwich panel structure is sound and heat resistant and does not make noise or create resonance.


Formally professional

The sandwich panel can also be designed according to a specific image or style. The structure can be formed to round or various other different forms, which are required due to technical or aesthetic reasons.


The sandwich panels are designed and manufactured to meet customer needs. Please contact our sales for more information.