SEP-120 Brooch Microphone - An Inductive System with PTT

SEP-120 Brooch Microphone - An Inductive System with PTT

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The Savox SEP-120 combines a transmitting brooch, a microphone and a barrel PTT button. The pack transmits incoming communication from a radio to a Savox RCR earpiece. When connected to a radio the SEP-120 offers half-duplex PTT communication. It is the perfect solution for female officers as the brooch can be easily hidden under tank tops, shoulder straps, or hand-bag straps.

Key Benefits:

  • Concealed communication
  • Covert Rx through interception-free pack suitable for tank tops 
  • Wide selection of Savox RCR earpieces 
  • Barrel PTT 
  • Covert microphone 
  • Available for radios and mobile phones

Technical Information:

  • WEIGHT: 75g
  • CABLE LENGTH SPLITTER - PACK: 460mm straight
  • CABLE LENGTH SPLITTER - PTT: 1020mm straight
  • CONNECTOR: Radio specific COLOUR: Beige only
  • MIC IMPEDANCE: 2.2 K Ohm
  • MIC SENSITIVITY: -33 dB ref 1 Volt / Pascal


RCR 1-6 miniature and sub miniature wireless earpieces