Covert Base Unit - Flat Pack of Flexible TRX Inductors

Covert Base Unit - Flat Pack of Flexible TRX Inductors

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The Savox CBU is a modular covert unit that allows the user to customize the covert communication accessory to any covert operation by offering a choice of using a neck-loop or a brooch to transmit incoming communication to the Savox RCR earpiece. While the loop is suitable for most clothing such as t-shirts, the brooch is the perfect solution for female officers as the brooch can be easily hidden under tank tops, shoulder straps, or hand-bag straps. A hard-wired PTT button can be used for half-duplex communication.

The Savox CBU also offers the option of a wireless PTT in form of a key fob with Savox’s unique proprietary and most secured wireless signaling pattern, the SavoxGuard. The key fob offers verbal as well as non-verbal tone communication. Together with the Savox HR6 connector and adaptors it can be connected to a variety of radio models.


Key Benefits:

  • Adapts to diverse attire
  • Modular covert communication system 
  • Wide selection of Savox RCR earpieces 
  • Wired in-line PTT  Verbal and non-verbal communication capability 
  • Option to use interception-free neck loop or pack 
  • Covert microphone 
  • SavoxGuard wireless key fob PTT

Technical Information:

  • WEIGHT: 150g
  • CABLE LENGTH CONNECTOR to transition module: radio specific
  • CABLE LENGTH TRANSITION MODULE to mic/ind Lemo connector: 150mm CABLE LENGTH TRX/LOOP mic/inductor to Lemo: 150mm
  • CABLE LENGTH TRX/PACK mic/inductor to Lemo: 300mm
  • CABLE LENGTH TRX/Flex mic/inductor to Lemo: 300mm
  • CONNECTOR: Radio specific
  • COLOR: Beige only


  • Different key fob options (only PTT or PTT/Tones)
  • RCR 1-6 miniature and sub miniature wireless earpieces